Dustin Craven September 29, 2019

2024-01-08 | 17:43:59

"Great job. Very professional and courteous. They took the time to answer questions. Great work and very reasonable prices."
Greg Eades September 29, 2019

2024-01-08 | 17:43:58

"Very service-oriented guys! They stopped and gave us a jump in the Yakima Canyon when we were stranded, just because they wanted to be helpful."
Scott Lichtenberg September 12, 2019

2024-01-08 | 17:44:01

"They were extremely easy to work with. They arrived on time and did a fantastic job. Workmanship and quality exceeded my expectations. Job completed in 90 minutes. I will be recommending Gutter Guys to all my friends and neighbors."
Andrew Visser September 11, 2019

2024-01-08 | 17:44:06

"The gutter guys were professional and efficient. They were easy to communicate with and we were impressed with how quickly the work was completed. They did a great job on our home."
Heriberto Zuniga August 25, 2019

2024-01-08 | 17:44:09

"They were awesome easy to work with. Excellent experience very friendly and very professional. Reasonable pricing."
Dottie Fitzgerald July 7, 2019

2024-01-08 | 17:44:11

"The Gutter Guys were awesome to work with. We just replaced the siding on the house and they were able to match the gutters with the trim color. It looks amazing and blends right in. There was a storm a couple days after install and one of the gutters had a drip, got ahold of them and they promptly came out and fixed it the next day. Highly recommend them."